About "Linux for Music"

I have been enamoured with Open Source software for quite a while. For years I have been using programs like OpenOffice.org and The Gimp (on the Windows platform) instead of their commercial counterparts. I found that I often liked the way these programs worked better than the "well-known" programs. But there has always been one exception: music production software. As a composer and arranger I need a solid notation program. And because I also need to record things once in a while, I need a good Digital Audio Workstation as well. So this has kept me in the Windows camp for years.

But a few years ago, I realised that I use my two computers for entirely different purposes: my desktop PC for anything music and my laptop for everything else. This mostly to keep the music PC as clean, fast and uncluttered as possible. So what reason was there to keep using Windows on the laptop? Actually none. Therefore I decided to switch to Linux. I did a bit of research into the different distributions, tried out a few, at first KDE based, later Gnome and eventually I settled on Ubuntu. Since Ubuntu 7.04 I've been a happy user! And while actively working with Linux - researching applications and the like - I noticed that the Open Source music software had come a long way since I last looked, I decided it might be worthwhile to see if professional music production on Linux is a viable alternative for me. So this site is really a story of my journey into the world of professional Linux music production, but I hope that by sharing my experiences I can also provide some value to you. That's why I invite you to join in, in the comments to the posts for example.

Having said the above, I feel I do have to make a few "disclaimers". Because since I'm a working composer, arranger and conductor, music comes first. Computers are merely a tool. So I simply do not have the time to investigate every new application that becomes available. Furthermore, since this is about using Linux for professional music, one of the things that is very important is stability. That, for example, is why I stick to the Long Term Support releases of Ubuntu, rather than upgrading with each new version. And even though I have been using computers intensively since 1976 or so, I am by no means a computer expert - although I can safely say I know more about computers and the way they work than most people ;) And finally I have some personal preferences, not only in the way things work, but also how they look. And that might explain some of my choices.

I hope that you enjoy what you'll find on this site and invite you to join in the conversation! If you want more information, you can always use the contact form to contact me. And if you're curious about my musical activities I invite you to hop over to my business site, Creatid Music Services.