Contributing to Linux music software

In Selecting Linux music production software I outlined several ways in which you can contribute to the software you use, and thus help Linux for music forward. But I forgot about one way that was brought to my attention a few days ago. Let me provide you with some background first: most open source initiatives are projects done by dedicated people with a passion for their project and who work on the projects whenever time permits. Quite a few projects are backed by universities and corporations, providing talents, resources and often money. Why do I bring this up? Read on to find out:

ardourIn the software selection post I already introduced you to Ardour, a Digital Audio Workstation for Linux. Up until recently Ardour was sponsored by the SAE Institue, making it possible for Paul Davis, the lead developer of Ardour to work on Ardour full-time. Sadly SAE ended their contribution, which will slow the development of Ardour. The application itself is not in danger, since it is a joint effort of many people, but it has it's effect nevertheless (not the very least on Paul's life..). So what does this have to do with contributions? Simple: contribute money! Most projects offer a way to make a donation, either one time or on a regular basis. So if you are very busy, than this is the quickest way of contributing to the application(-s) of your choice!

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