'Sintel' open movie released today

Meet SintelWhile this is not strictly related to Linux Music Production, I want to mention the release of Sintel here because after all it is Linux Media Production and that is close enough. I downloaded the film right after it became available online, and I have to say I absolutely love it! This is a great showcase of what is possible with open source media creation software (and € 400.000,- ...). Ton Roosendaal and his team have done a sublime job with this film... I suggest you go do that now ;)

While "Sintel" is something like a showcase for Blender, it is also a good short film (about 15 minutes) in its own right. The story is moving and has a surprising end. The script is great, music and sound effects are superb. And yes, the visuals are absolutely stunning: the materials, textures and the surroundings look great. I was especially impressed with Sintel's wet hair in the rain. It looked so natural! The little dragon is also very well done. After all it is the depiction of emotions that decide if you are drawn into a film or not.

Sintel frame

Jan Morgenstern's music is beautiful as well, but I don't know how it was created. From the official blog: "Since we’ll work with external providers for music, sfx and mix, we can only recommend them to include free software in their pipeline, but won’t put stringent demands here." I am guessing Linux was not involved in the Music Production, but I may be wrong here. If Linux was used for the entire music production, that would be a serious boost for all open source music software projects.

If you are into 3D animation, you must check out Blender. I have dabbled in it myself only a tiny bit, since I don't have the time for it, but I was blown away with the features and the results of this program. And what is really cool about the Sintel project is that you can order a 4 DVD set that enables you to recreate the film for yourself! Or use the data in your own projects. I have only watched it once so far - because I wanted to get out word of how good it is - but I will watch it over and over again in the coming days. Yes, I think it is that good! Since the film is released under a creative commons license, you can download it for free from sintel.org.